The peaks of Europe, cradle of Hotel Peñalba

The Picos de Europa welcome in their natural setting to this small hotel in an Asturian farmhouse restored preserving its original charm and structure, It is award for best renovated house in Asturias year 1989 and being the first hotel of its kind both in the region and in the Principality of Asturias Forged, betting since the quality and style in the rural environment of the birth asturiano.Siendo Club Quality Casonas Asturianas and which belonged for a while.

The house , Emblazoned (family shield), He has undergone several transformations throughout its history. The first data we have date from the sixteenth century, It is a tower, where he lived a charge of Real Sitio de Covadonga and transmitting office always a nephew, until the SXVIII, no male nephews and niece marries and begins to expand the tower house. It has a chapel where he chairs the altar San Pedro Regalado.

In the years 50 It was the stage for what would be one of the piles "soap opera" of the time, He is the Cantabrian writer Concha Espina who chose the house for the novel "Altar".

Very comfortable rooms

Much more than stars. With real family atmosphere

Lovely views and routes to discover

A true natural jewel

You can book with comfort

You can book through our website, send us a message or call, We will be happy to assist.

Food in Asturias

“You can more Eye stomach”, the Asturian cuisine in the area is spectacular, Do not stay with the desire and come to enjoy

An authentic and unique experience.

urban routes from major cities of Asturias Cantabria until just an hour's drive.

unique prehistoric caves, interpretation centers, watching birds and other native animals ....

And something that is very important, It is that it is a very safe area.

Sella river drops, horse trips, quads, among others, are activities that can be organized from the hotel.

We'll show you the best options for an unforgettable stay Asturias

Asturias is a true green paradise full of charm located on the Cantabrian. With spectacular mountains, Film beaches, breathtaking cliffs, mountain villages frozen in time, Very colorful fishing villages and unforgettable charms, this region of Spain falls.

Why Hotel Peñalba?

Comfort and the best experience in Asturias. Come and check.

A unique place for unique holiday

In Peñalba Hotel will enjoy a memorable stay and be in the best natural environment.

The best rooms with the best hosts

We give you the space to enjoy it in your days while we offer amenities, adventures and experiences that you may fill your backpack with good memories.

A perfect territory to meet

As the environment where we are, access to Covadonga and the Picos de Europa National Park,It is so special, We design for you excursions and experiences a la carte; costa, Montana ,gastronomic routes, ethnographic or who prefer Asturias.

Stay with a real family atmosphere

We are a family that make your holiday wonderful days, They are remaining in memory with good memories. Like going home of a grandmother and pampers you feel, you consent.

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